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Back in 1997 the average sale price for an Orlando home was $117,000.  By 2017, the average price had risen to nearly $240,000.  Since Real Estate brokers are paid on a commission bases, rising home prices have produced a hefty windfall for brokers.  Over the past 20 years, home prices have doubled and, as a result, brokerage commissions have doubled as well.  At 3% Real Estate We believe that brokerage fees have become excessive, and we have made It our mission to offer sensibly priced services that better fit today’s market.   

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Just to be clear, our lower fees do not equate to watered-down services.  On the contrary, our experienced agents provide real estate services you rely on such as: high-resolution photos and videos as well as property listing syndication on MLS, Trulia, and Zillow.  We also incorporate our digital signature platform and state-of-the-art client document sharing.  All of this for a straight forward, easy to understand, 3% sales commission.   

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You deserve to retain as much of your home’s equity as possible.  Call us for an appointment; you’ll be glad you did.  We will help determine your home’s market value and what cash you can expect to take at closing.  Our 3% commission helps sell you sell faster and retain more equity.  There is no reason to pay any more. 


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                                       Why We Are 3%

1. The Winds of Change are Blowing

The way people buy and sell Real Estate is transforming in front of our very eyes.  In the old days, buyers would start their home search by visiting a Real Estate office.  Anymore, this is simply not the case.  Today, people go directly to the web to search for property listings.  According to a National Association of Realtors publication, “Real Estate in a Digital Age 2017,” 99% of millennials searched for properties on-line and most from their mobile device!

How do buyers visiting websites such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Facebook and others impact the Real Estate industry?  

The rise of the digital marketplace has been a clear benefit to listing agents.  However, the impact has been just the opposite on buyer’s agents.  The buyer’s agent’s role in the established Real Estate “system” is being seriously jeopardized by websites sites such as Zillow.  With more customers everyday going directly to the internet to identify available properties, the buyer’s agent impact is quickly diminishing.    

2. Technology & Innovation Available to Listing Agents

Emerging technology relevant to the Real Estate Industry has greatly reduced the number of work hours for Real Estate agents.  Agents can advertise properties for sale and consumers can locate listed properties for sale much easier than ever before.  Software programs have allowed us to work faster and more accurately.  We can offer lower fees because, simply put, we can accomplish more with less time.        

3. Real Estate’s Dirty Little Secret

As a rule, Real Estate agents are paid a commission based on what a home sells for.  Thus, decades of rising home prices have led to generous pay increases for Real Estate agents.  This is the industry’s dirty little secret and it has fostered a generation of entitled agents.  While this well-established commission arrangement has been lucrative for Real Estate agents, it has been a bad deal for home sellers.  It is time to correct this inequity and 3% Real Estate is leading the charge to offer sensibly priced, full service Real Estate brokerage.   

Our Team: Over 60 years of Real Estate experience

Our sales staff is comprised of professional, experienced sales associates who have worked for years as full time Real Estate agents. 

We are a full service Real Estate Firm.  Your home will be listed on MLS and all the top websites; the only difference between us and them is the money you save when you use 3% Real Estate to broker your sale. Call me and we'll discuss a strategy to get your home sold and save you thousands of dollars by making sure you retain as much of your home equity as possible!