Flat Rate Home Selling Program


Sell Your Home for One Flat Rate

How It Works

At Gemstone, our mission is to bring down the high-cost of selling a home and pass those savings back to you. We do that by charging a flat fee to sell your home. That flat fee includes all the services of a traditional agent, starting with an in-home consultation, professional photography, yard signs, lock boxes, scheduling showings, marketing and advertising.  On top of that, your home is listed on the MLS, which pushes your home onto thousands of websites including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. 

At Gemstone, we offer the same service for a fraction of that price. This includes all the marketing and advertising created to sell your home, PLUS paying the co-broker if the sale is assisted by another brokerage. 

We don't charge a commission.  We charge a flat rate selling fee of $8,950.

 How Can We Do This?

Utilizing today’s amazing array of technological tools for marketing and communication, we at Gemstone can offer full service Real Estate brokerage at a reduced flat rate.

What You Need to Know

  • Not discounted or watered-down services.
  • The home seller must list their property at market value

Less expensive; not cheaper

The only difference is you pay less for our service. If you think about it, why should you be paying a percentage? Your accountant does not expect to be paid a percentage on the tax savings he finds.  The truth is, our brokerage work is the same whether we sell a home for $150,000 or $200,000 or $300,000; why should our selling fees be different? 

Traditional Real Estate brokers will continue to try to leverage high commissions - because they can!  In the meantime, Gemstone is striking out and offering home sellers a flat fee option.                                     

List at market value; sell fast

Our goal is always to sell your property for the highest amount possible. With that said, to maintain the efficiency and achieve the fastest reasonable sale time, the subject property must be listed at a fair market value determined by the Broker.  The value of your property is evaluated by licensed, trained professionals and is based upon the recent SOLD price of nearby homes in your neighborhood that are comparable to yours in age, size, and features.

We will determine your homes market value by averaging the findings from four unrelated resources:

1.   A market analysis using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

2.   Sales data and comparisons from your county tax records.

3.   A "Z Estimate" home valuation from the Zillow real estate website.

4.   A broker price opinion which is established by an in-person evaluation of the property for sale.

The average sales price (compiled from the four sources) will determine the true value of the property you wish to sell. 

Review: Our 3 Stage Flat Rate Home Selling Process

Pre-Listing Stage 1.

·    An in-home consultation and determination of your homes true market value. 

·    Sign contracts, disclosures, and listing agreements based upon the established market sales price.

·    Professional photos, lock box, and yard sign

·    A thorough discussion of scenarios and possible outcomes so you can be better prepared to handle offers fast and efficiently.

Active Listing Stage 2.

·    Home information details and photos

·    Internet marketing through MLS and thousands of websites

·    Integrate the Gemstone technology tools for maximum exposure

·    Showing automation service and feedback on a weekly basis.

Under Contract to Closing Stage 3.

·    Offers and negotiations

·    Dotloop  e-signing capability

·    Contract, escrows, inspections, and closing

It's that easy! Don’t pay more simply because of tradition.

Contact us today. Save Money. Preserve Your Equity!

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